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Judgement: Game of Thrones

I am still playing around with themes and such, so it’s still not quite ready but, here is the first of my Judgement series where I review stuff. The first subject will be HBO’s TV series: Game of Thrones!

The series is based off of George RR Martin’s fantasy book series: A Song of Ice and Fire. The first book, A Game of Thrones ( you can tell where HBO got the name from.) was published way back in 1996, I didn’t follow it back then, if I had read the book back when I was 5 years old I would be even more messed up kid. The next two books came out in 2 year intervals. Then book 4 where I found out about the series was back in 2004. Apparently book 4 was so big that it had to be split into 2 different books, taking place concurrently, at least at first, and the second half kept getting pushed back and pushed back until it’s finally coming out this July on the 12th. Though as a reward for the wait it is the longest book yet, eclipsing book 3.

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I R Blogger Nao

Hey Everyone.

I know I had a blog I was going to use my EuroTrip a couple years ago and it never happened. Well here I am again, and I promise to update at least semi-regularly. I probably should’ve waited till I had my background and everything all set-up before posting this, but fuck it.

This will be my place to express my thoughts/rant about whatever I want, and probably have dug up a few years from now be used out of context to torpedo my political ambitions and job prospects. I’ll jump that fun sounding hurdle when I get to it.

So yeah, welcome, subscribe, stick around blah blah blah