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The Prodigal Sun Returns

Heh, its been a while.  Hell its been 2 months since I started this blog(at the old address) and I have what 3/4 actually posts? I actually had something to post a week or two ago but I wasn’t happy with it so it disappeared to be edited, and hasn’t made it back yet. But I do have a poll up about what you want to see for my next post as I love my peeps. Wow I feel… odd just typing that. Anyway nothing really exciting to report in “The Life Of Sol”. Just wanted to let my few followers now I haven’t forgotten about this and the poll, oh an I added a read more tag to my GoT Review so it doesn’t stretch the screen


Oh and since my last post was about Hp I just wanted to wish Harry James Potter a Happy 31st birthday!



I Remember my first trip into the Wizarding World, Mrs. Botrill my grade 3 teacher read us Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and I was hooked.

I Remember getting the boxed set of the first 3 books for Christmas that year. I managed to get my mom and even my dad, who wasn’t a big reader, into them and we’d read a chapter or two… or 3… out loud to each other every night.

I Remember being one of the first kids at Davidson Road dressed up as Harry Potter for Halloween, the next year everyone was.

I Remember growing up with Daniel, Emma and Rupert, or Harry, Hermione and Ron as they will be known for the rest of their lives.

I Remember seeing the first few movies for Eric Geen’s birthday, and being so bitterly disappointed one year when a snowstorm cancelled it

I Remember finding Fanfiction and after wading through the Oceans of trash, Mary-Sues, and Harry/Draco slash fics, find some real gems. Because Harry and Hermion need to be together no matter what JK Rowling says.

I Remember driving down with my Parents to Las Vegas, Goblet of Fire had just come out and I couldn’t wait as we read it together so I read the car. I can’t remember how many times I got carsick. But it was worth it.

I Remember never missing a movie in Theatre, no matter if I was home or in Oregon

I Remember one time when mom was away, but my dad had his friend Robert over for a few nights, and we drove to chapters for the Midnight release of Book 5 or 6

I Remember going to my one and only midnight movie showing

I Remember my heartbreak over Dumbledore and Sirius’ deaths

I Remember before he was Edward Cullen he was Cedric Diggory

I Remember Rosie O’Donnell being upset about Harry Potter only casting Brits since she wanted to be Mrs. Weasley

I Remember how Bittersweet the release of the Deathly Hallows book was

I Remember never playing any of the Lego Harry potter games, but I did buy some of the actual sets.

I Remember correctly predicting that Harry was a Horcrux and needed to die in the seventh book.

I Remember good times chatting with people around the world on Harry Potter forums

I Remember wondering if Sir Ian McKellan (would’ve been ironic) or Sir Christopher Lee would’ve replaced Dumbledore

I Remember competing in a Harry Potter trivia contest against other schools from the district.

I Remember the literary anthem of our generation

I Remember how I felt at the end of an era.


Hillman Crashes, Address Changes and Dreams. Oh MY!

Hey Mom, Jon, and those of you out the vast vague nebulous ether of anonymity that is the internet. As you can see I’ve changed my Blogs address, so the old address will be deleted in a few days, so change over, if you’ve got me bookmarked or whatever

The biggest issue currently in Solandia is the fact that I crashed the Hillman. 😦 😦 ;( I know, I know “BOOOO!” but this time it wasn’t my fault! I’ve been storing the Hillman up at my grandpas for the past couple of years because I am uber-broke and can’t afford to insure it.  Anyway I was just driving it up the driveway to adjust the wheels and make sure everything worked. I got up fine, going down on the other hand… Well as I was backing up my brakes failed so I ended up hitting a post. So yeah so far I’m 1 for 3 in actually getting it out for the summer months. I’ll probably end up having to sell it too…

Also to any of the high school crew, that I hung out with I had a dream about you all last night. Don’t ask me what happened as I don’t remember.  Given that I’m one of those people who almost never remembers dreams I’m impressed that I can recall that much. Also given the fact that it was Canada Day and I had some drinks, perhaps it is for the best I’ve forgotten most of it.