Hillman Crashes, Address Changes and Dreams. Oh MY!

Hey Mom, Jon, and those of you out the vast vague nebulous ether of anonymity that is the internet. As you can see I’ve changed my Blogs address, so the old midhnottsol.wordpress.com address will be deleted in a few days, so change over, if you’ve got me bookmarked or whatever

The biggest issue currently in Solandia is the fact that I crashed the Hillman. 😦 😦 ;( I know, I know “BOOOO!” but this time it wasn’t my fault! I’ve been storing the Hillman up at my grandpas for the past couple of years because I am uber-broke and can’t afford to insure it.  Anyway I was just driving it up the driveway to adjust the wheels and make sure everything worked. I got up fine, going down on the other hand… Well as I was backing up my brakes failed so I ended up hitting a post. So yeah so far I’m 1 for 3 in actually getting it out for the summer months. I’ll probably end up having to sell it too…

Also to any of the high school crew, that I hung out with I had a dream about you all last night. Don’t ask me what happened as I don’t remember.  Given that I’m one of those people who almost never remembers dreams I’m impressed that I can recall that much. Also given the fact that it was Canada Day and I had some drinks, perhaps it is for the best I’ve forgotten most of it.


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