The Good Wife on Trial

Well, this is the big post number 1-0, its just taken me longer than most to reach.  I thought about making a blog post about the renos we’re doing on the house to prep it for selling, again. But, that would be boring and you wouldn’t want to  read it. So i thought to celebrate this anniversary I would commemorate my first blog post by doing a review. Okay, so my Game of Thrones Review was my second post, but my first was just an intro, not a real blog at all. So I’m going to talk about another of my favorite current series: The Good Wife on CBS, most because episode 3-13 was one of the best hours of Network television I’ve seen in a while, and there is a 3 week break, well more like a week an a half now, so you can rent/download the first 2 seasons on Graboid (one of my personal favorites) or where ever, thats how I started watching it after season was nominated/won a couple of awards.

Season one aired on CBS, Global in Canada, in the fall of 2009. Its written by Robert and Michele King and produced by the Scott, brothers, yes the same Ridley Scott who directed Gladiator, amongst other things. It follows Alicia Florrick, played by Julianna Margulies, after her husband Peter Florrick, Cook County State’s Attorney and played by Chris Noth, is disgraced after a sex scandal and jailed for abuse of power. Alicia returns to work as a lawyer for the first time in 13 years, having stopped practicing law in order to raise her and Peter’s two children, Zach and Grace. Her college friend Will Gardner (Josh Charles),  has invited her to work as a first year associate at his firm Stern, Lockhart and Gardner. Once she starts she finds out she’s in competition with younger 1st year associate Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry), for one permanent position at the firm, due to the economic climate. Alicia has to juggle both her work life and personal life dealing with her children, a tense relationship with her mother-in-law, and possible lingering emotional attachments with Will. If that wasn’t enough for one person to deal, her husband is appealing the corruption charges. Mrs. Florrick also establishes a friendship with the firm’s mysterious investigator, Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi). Slowly Alicia begins to realize that things aren’t as black and white as she has believed.

The show is a procedural with a case of the week, which run the gamut from light and quirky, to the more serious cases. The Kings and other writers do a better job than most such shows at continuity, bringing in call backs from previous cases, and other things. But where the show really shines isn’t really in the court room, but in the politics, both external with Peter, and the internal politics, between co-workers, friends and family. While the Florricks, Christine Baranski’s Diane Lockhart, and the Rahm Emanuel based Eli Gold (Alan Cummings) are obvious Democrats, the show is good about preventing too much bias, and often shows the Republicans in a decent light. But while present, the politics aren’t the main focus.

The show’s ensemble just has amazing chemistry together.  There is a reason the main cast have all been nominated for their work on the show and Juliana and Archie have won for their roles. All the cast has a life to them, which makes them feel realistic with all their failings, and triumphs. Its probably one of the reasons it can attract some great guest stars like Michael J Fox. Of course, there are plenty of other shows that can boast of such a spectacular cast of characters, though not many.  The show as a whole is pretty believable, even with the inevitable legal flubs, dealing with the economy, intellectual property, gambling, code of conduct, the military and other real life issues. Combine the acting, writing and just general feel of the show, and you have a winner at least with the critics.


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