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Why I am Team Mulcair

Here we are, just under 3 weeks to go until we New Democrats, who joined prior to Feb 18th,  elect our new Party Leader, who will serve as the head of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and in 2015 as Prime Minister of Canada, fate willing. This race hasn’t received too much media coverage because, well compared to the entertainment our neighbours to the south are providing in the Republican race, the NDP race has been polite and well to be honest rather vanilla, but hey I’ll take polite minor disagreements in policy any day over the clamour of the Romney/Anybody But Romney race the GOP is having. The race in general reminds of the Liberals 2006 race, with its large slate of candidates but with a couple of frontrunners. Hopefully we won’t see a repeat of the end of that race.

While I’d be satisfied with any of the seven as victors i do have my preference. I’ve considered myself undecided for most of the race but I’ve always been leaning to one candidate in particular, but I was keeping my mind open, however I am ready to finally and firmly declare my support for this person. As the title of this blog spoils: I am going to be voting for Thomas Mulcair on March 24th.

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The Prodigal Sun Returns

Heh, its been a while.  Hell its been 2 months since I started this blog(at the old address) and I have what 3/4 actually posts? I actually had something to post a week or two ago but I wasn’t happy with it so it disappeared to be edited, and hasn’t made it back yet. But I do have a poll up about what you want to see for my next post as I love my peeps. Wow I feel… odd just typing that. Anyway nothing really exciting to report in “The Life Of Sol”. Just wanted to let my few followers now I haven’t forgotten about this and the poll, oh an I added a read more tag to my GoT Review so it doesn’t stretch the screen


Oh and since my last post was about Hp I just wanted to wish Harry James Potter a Happy 31st birthday!