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2012: End Of The World As I Know It

So as most of you are probably aware for the last 3 years or so my mom has been trying to sell our house down in Okanagan Centre. We’ve had plenty of showings, a few offers including one we accepted, but fell through as they couldn’t sell their place, which was one of the subjects on the deal, and my mom was tired of extending it. But now it looks like sit’s finally sold.  Early this month/late in March, a couple, who had seen the house in the fall and really liked it, but it wasn’t a good time for them, came back.

For the first 3 months of this year my mom and I started doing some updates on the house, stripping wallpaper, painting rooms and the ceiling, stripping out carpet and having new carpet and flooring installed. Fortunately, the people liked what we had done, after a little bit of worrying that they’d go “Oh, we liked how it was before’, we reached a deal

I don’t remember the place my parent’s rented out in the Mission where I was brought home to, nor living with my grand-parents up on the Rutland bench, while Dad (with help from friend’s and family) built this house. So it’s fitting that this is where he took his last breath. For me, my life began December 28th, 1993 my third birthday and 2 days after we had moved in, as that party my mom manged to get together is my first real memory, though it is admittedly somewhat fuzzy as memory doesn’t really develop until the age of 5, or so the doctors say.

The house has never been perfect, I’ve always been reluctant to have people over because it’s kind-of small, since we never got further than pouring the footings for the addition which had always been planned. But it’s literally a two-minute walk down to the lake, the view is hard to beat.

Born and raised in the Okanagan, this has been and always will be, my home.But I’ve been getting almost restless stuck, and am really feeling like it’s time to make some new memories and explore the world and myself more. Thats why I looked into going to Australia for Law School and am hoping to go to Queen’s or somewhere out east, so Chai and I can get a new start. 2012 will be a year of change for me, which is one of the reasons I wanted on the trip to Romania. I should hopefully finally have a new job, new place to live, and one last year of school here to go.

This has been a little bit, of a rough blog, not entirely happy with it, but hey, I’m still keeping my resolution of at least one blog a month, a quarter through the year. I didn’t need that Mass Effect 3 or Cabin in the Woods review after all.


Blogging for the Sake of Blogging

My Mom always says that the New Year starts on her birthday, which is today. So Happy New Year!, again and once again Happy birthday. We finally got the snow I’ve been wanting, just 2 weeks late. I guess Calvin just stayed on his toboggan long enough to appease the Snow Demons. Hope everyones had a good first week to their new year, even if most of us happen to be back in the drudgerous dolodrums of school.

I did resolve to write more blogs, so all 5 of you who read this will have to content yourselves with reading what I write when I write it, but I do want to write more both for this and just for me. Though I have a few courses with fair amounts of writing so we’ll see how it goes. However unlike a “resolution” of quitting smoking, going to the gym or whatever, this won’t hurt me if I fail

I was going to go on about 2012, and it being the year of change, 1 ½ years till I’m in Law Schoool blah, blah blad. but like most of my plans, thats not gonna happen, mostly due to laziness and having no idea what to say. But giving the bang I had to end 2011, I don’t know if it was a bad omen or a sign that things will get better. For those not in the know; for my 21st birthday after a night of dinner, breakin even at the casino, and a movie I was going home to grab my bathing suit and then on to Drew’s and his hottub. I had decided to take Glenmore home. It had been raining for the last few hours so I was being cautious with my driving. Another vehicle passed me, and after a while of me driving behind them they hit black ice and skidded over the ditch. Now to be honest I would have checked it up to their Karma for passing me, made sure they, and their dog, were alright and then continued on. But I, perhaps punished for my thought, also hit the ice and went spinning into the other ditch, luckily my car was only half way off the side of the road, but since I hadn’t put on my Snows, I could not manage to reverse out. But perhaps 5 minutes later who should arrive behind me but a Car with Jalene, brooke and Olivia. Through the power of estrogen they managed to push my front end oud from the ditch. yay girl power! My Heroes *swoons*. They then went on to try and help the woman in the other car, wanting to appear chivalrous I did aswell. The other vehicle despite being a heavier four wheel drive Kia than Lafayette, my Hyundai Accent, she was in more dire straights, having fallen further to the side of the road getting tangled up with the barbed wire fence.

The other driver didn’t have BCAA, so being Gentlemanly I offered the use of my card. A few other woman driver actually slowed down and stopped, one even having wire cutters. Seemingly all the men, particularly the ones with big trucks drove by. We cleared her car so no tires would get popped by the wire, and then with the clever you of car mats, manveouring and brute strength attempted to free the car from it’s predicament. Unfortunately all we accomplished were ripped pants and tichts, a few inches of movement maybe, and a showing of my complete mechincal and technical inepitute and removal of my Man Car. After 45 minutes- an hour, the tow truck arrived and managed to free her. My good semitarian deed done for the year, only promptly to expire a few days later. The next day I heard about a couple of other accidents on Glenmore, so we managed to get away scott free, Lafayette was fine, I was fine everyone was happy. Yay.

Death of Muse

And no, I don’t mean one of my favourite bands.

I like to write, or I likeD to write. Friday I went out to a spoken word Cafe, to help kill some time, when I realized that I haven’t really written outside of University assignments in a couple of years. One of the reasons I started this blog was to start writing again, as you can see by my plethora of posts , this plan worked out spectacularly.

It isn’t entirely due to a lack of creativity, so the title is a bit of a misnomer. The flow of ideas, was been stemmed to a trickle, compared to the flood of ideas I used to have, infact I used to have a bit of creative ADD, I’d start working on something, then have another a idea and drop it. It was quite frustrating. Anyways, when I get an idea, I just can’t sit down and type it out for some reason.I mean with school work I have deadlines, and the fact I need a good GPA and LSAT score to get into Law School, hanging over my head like the Sword of Damocles.  Not writing feels like there is some part of my missing, and I don’t know what to do.

Yes, I am aware of the irony of writing about being unable to write.